Class list information for new students.

The Pre Curriculum program at Riverside City College is designed to give an introductory level of knowledge to the student in preparation of transfer to a 4-year curriculum program. KIN 30 and KIN 16 are pre/co requisites for the remaining classes and need to be taken as soon as possible. KIN 17 – 20 incorporate a lab component and can be taken at the same time as KIN 21 to increase the number of lab hours the student is able to spend working in the Athletic Training room.

  • KIN 30 – CPR First Aid
  • KIN 16 – Introduction to Athletic Trainer
  • KIN 17 – Athletic Training Applications Lower Extremity Evaluation
  • KIN 18 – Athletic Training Applications Upper Extremity Evaluation
  • KIN 19 – Athletic Training Applications Head, Neck and Spine Evaluation
  • KIN 20 – Athletic Training Applications General Medicine
  • KIN 21 A – Athletic Training Lab
  • KIN 21 B – Athletic Training Lab
  • KIN 21 C – Athletic Training Lab
  • KIN 21 D – Athletic Training Lab